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This is a memorial post, for the victims of the Boxer Day Massacre in the Indian Ocean. We call it CSI Sumatra in hopes that those who investigate man-made earthquakes will post evidence to show whether this seismic event was caused by drilling too deep for too long. Here is a letter that we are posting to other bloggers, so that we can get in touch with screenwriters and science-fact/fiction people, who are willing to investigate the "Crime Scene" in the Indian Ocean, to determine if this event was deliberate or accidental.

Our research group, Advanced Energy Research Organization is investigating this Sumatra event as a natural consequence of drilling too deep, sucking all of the oil out, and creating a vacuum under the sea floor that causes a breach in the lithospere (the thin membrane that protects the marine life from the magma); dumping the entire ocean into a magma chamber.

We first observed this chain of events in 1991 - offshore northern Phillipines, before any of our group had knowledge of horizontal drilling methods. Please call or write if you have any input, as we are training science and engineering students to develop their own computer models of seismic events and the bizarre weather patterns that have surfaced since this earthquake. Vincente Beazel, Director Advanced Energy Research

The articles on the ancient mass extinctions caused by earth-formed asteroids was published in May 2004 in the New Scientist magazine, and has coined the term "verneshot" to describe a gas explosion that occurs when gases build up under mountains that explode. Anyone can search for this term, and read about the actual research and form their own conclusions as to whether the seismic event offshore Indonesia was caused by a "verneshot" under the ocean.

We can NOT charge anyone with a crime until we can determine if a crime has been committed. The industry has sole access to the results of the tsunami on the 1000 mile pipeline from sumatra to singapore. Search on: "indonesia offshore" to find the names of corporations that were at the "scene" prior to the seismic event. Watch the tide tables for evidence of "seismic windows", and compare notes with others who are willing to ask the grade school questions: What causes earthquakes? The plates were moved with tremendous thrusting force; was there a large explosion that caused the plates to move? How do the tides effect the oceans of magma that flow under the ocean floor? Are the magma tides moving the ocean floor as well?

The evidence that we are finding that links "red tide" to earthquakes may be caused by large volumes of methane released into the oceans along the trenches. Let us know something new that adds to our understanding, that can be modeled in a science lab. Our research on Mt. Pinatubo led to the practical applications for turning a septic system into a fuel cell - something that could be used by communities worldwide to convert wastewater to fuel.

The main evidence we are seeking is related to the presence of large quantities of oil/gas in the region, that may also manifest as "red tide". We searched for links between the red algae and earthquakes, and there are articles on the web that show a link between the two. Red algae shows the water to be oxygen-deficient; it may also show evidence of methane being released from the sea-floor. We are also looking at under-sea blowouts; they are much harder to detect than a well blowout on land, and easier to hide.

We are looking for any infrared spikes, that may show evidence of a steam explosion; the sea floor would light up like a solar flare, and the latent heat would show up for some time after. There have been reports that the lunar surface will register a "northern lights" effect after a large quake, that can be seen as evidence of a large ion discharge, such as would be present during a hydrogen blast, capable of moving the continental plates. The documentation for this effect is found at: There was a very accurate prediction of the quake by a team of geophysicists from india on december 23, 2004 - predicting the time of the quake within 30 minutes and the coordinates within an hundred miles!! We have not been able to contact this team; we are hoping someone in Asia will be able to follow more closely the trickle of evidence that may wash up on shores - in the form of charred marine life, or burnt wreckage from the pipelines that were being built offshore Sumatra.

We are also following events off the coast of Washington State and Canada/Pacific, where over 4000 seaquakes in the past week, prior to the eruption of Mt. St. Helens yesterday...we expect to see more activity in the northeastern pacific, until this new moon phase passes and the tides return to "normal"