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Without a doubt, all CotW articles have improved drastically, but not all of them have reached featured-standard yet. To help improve past CotW articles so they can be featured, please help fix the items listed on the to-do lists of each article.

The newest CotW articles that have not been featured are listed first. However, feel free to work on these in any order you like. You can add a new article to this list, but don't worry about always keeping this page up-to-date. The to-do lists are always on the article's talk pages, even if they're not listed here.

If this page doesn't seem to update correctly (Internet Explorer has caching problems with Wikipedia when templates are used), trying purging this page.


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  • Expand article and expand details about the diplomatic process and general diplomacy itself.
  • Add more information on types of diplomacy and how diplomacy is used.
  • Copyedit article; clean up grammar, get rid of repeat wikilinks and wording inconsistencies, make article flow better.


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  • Reasonable History section, but Sights and monuments, Business, Geography, Culture and Demographics are too short
  • both miles and kilometers are used to describe distances in the article, it would make more sense to use just one


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  • Currently good but short: needs some serious off-line research to flesh out

Medieval warfare

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Kofi Annan

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Jean-Paul Sartre

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  • Reference overhaul. Agree on one style (Harvard or modern, either is fine but mixing isn't).
  • Convert appropriate external links to citations instead.
  • Find a source before including piece regarding "the Nobel Prize that Sartre tried to get the money later on but that his wish was denied."
  • Improve clarity in 'Sartre's Metaphysics'. As it is, this section is overly complex and its terms are not adequately explained.

Sartre relegated his ideas to the notion that simply actions define people, particularly when existence was quite meaningless. "It's always been about being physical," is another way to put it according to Bruce Springsteen. Naturally there is an unmistakeable joy in that we move, now isn't there? Of course there is. Movement is one of the definitions of life, if biology serves us well enough. There is after all a notion deep inside that it is no sin to be glad you are alive. AbbyNormal26 (talk) 08:02, 31 August 2008 (UTC)AbbyNormal26

Iranian revolution

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  • Essential: requires a headline picture (protests, Shah leaving, Khomeini returning) (general headshots of Shah and Khomeini added, but something still needed for the headline)
  • Other relevant pictures would be a bonus


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Indian Railways

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Talk:Indian Railways/to do


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  • Restructure according to guidelines suggested in WikiProject Science, with the following main sections :
    • Introduction
    • Dinosaurs in practice (for the general public)
      • Classification of Dinosaurs: in broad categories
      • Capabilities and behaviors of Dinosaurs: what made them cover the earth at some point
      • Dinosaurs on Earth: history of dinosaurs on the earth time scale; where fossils can now be found; birds
      • Dinosaurs in everyday life: movies
      • Dinosaurs in science: how they are studied, where, ...
    • Dinosaurs in theory :
      • Detailed classification
      • The bird connection
      • Theories of extinction
    • History: first discovery of various dinosaurs, ...

Situs inversus

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Strike through when completed

  • Expand Infobox
  • Inline references

See WP:MEDMOS for suggestions on layout and style